Due Diligence

Milestone can provide you with comprehensive and accurate technical building reports to meet your Due Diligence requirements.

  1. A client is likely to undertake a Due Diligence investigation in the following typical circumstances:
  • To investigate the viability and feasibility of converting the property to strata title.
  • As part of an overall upgrade strategy for property assets.
  • Prior to the purchase of a property.
  • Prior to initiating a planned maintenance regime on building assets.

As an essential part of this process, an inspection and investigation of the building is undertaken to assess the following general criteria:

  1. The current condition of the building with regard to:
    • Whether the building meets the technical building regulation requirements applicable at the time it was constructed or upgraded.
    • Whether the building meets the current technical building regulation requirements (i.e. the Building Code of Australia) and what measures will need to be put in place to meet any shortfall in the current requirements.
  2. Any specific requirements of the client with regard to:
    • Access for people with disabilities.
    • Potential upgrades or additions to the building.
    • The current condition of building services (fire safety systems/mechanical/electrical/hydraulics).

We can tailor a package to suit the specific needs of our clients and incorporate a project timeframe that meets our client’s expectations with regard to deadlines.