Performance Based BCA Solutions

Our Director David Cooley possesses a degree in Fire Engineering. Combined with our experience in the Building Code assessment of varying types of commercial buildings we are able to better understand complex building designs where a performance based use of the Building Code may be more advantageous to the overall project both in terms of cost and design, without compromising safety.

We are also able to carry out peer review assessments of other Fire Engineering Reports as a means of providing objective, independent advice in the approval process.

As a performance based document, the BCA sets the minimum criteria which defines how buildings and building elements contained within them, must perform to meet the objectives and functional statements.

In order to meet the Performance requirements of the Building Code of Australia, it is possible to comply with either the Deemed To Satisfy (DTS) prescriptive provisions or to develop an ‘Alternative Solution’.

An 'Alternative Solution' allows users to introduce flexibility into the building design process, which may result in cost savings without compromising safety. Alternative solutions can be applied in situations where the prescriptive provisions are not adaptive enough to suit every design of building.

The three (3) main methods used to verify building solutions are: comparison with the Deemed-To-Satisfy provisions, expert judgement and qualitative and quantitative type assessments. A combination of these methods can be used and we are able to assist our clients in all of these areas.